Saturday, April 25, 2009


So Brad has been out of town since Sunday and he was suppose to be back around 3 this afternoon. But his plane has been delayed due to weather in Chicago......he won't be home until midnight or so...........I love my kids sooooo much but need a little break from has been 7 days...........

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter in Boerne

We went to Abe's parent's house in Boerne for Easter. The kids got to play with Sophie, Mack & Grace and had a blast.

Here is Beck's Easter basket.
And this is Aubrey's basket, she tore into it before I could even get a picture.

Beck loves his new little barn.
Sweet Grace
Mack found the candy!!

Beck put these glasses on all by himself and then came into the kitchen saying "HEY!!!"

Ohhhhh, the anticipation!!!
Mack taking a Peep break from egg hunting.

all the kiddos....

The kids loved the cascarones!!

Callie's 1st Birthday Party

Callie the birthday girl!!

Easter Party at Aubrey's School