Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hollywood Beck!!

Here Beck & I at a playdate at our friends house this last friday. He loves Sunglasses!!!


Yesterday in the car Aubrey said "Beck Natched Me". I asked her are you sure that "Beck didn't Scratch you with an S". Aubrey replied "No, it was with his hand". TOO CUTE!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So this was the first week of preschool for Aubrey, a group of my friends and I have started a preschool at the home of one of my friends Amy. We hired a teacher and we have 8 students, 4-3 year olds & 4-4 year olds. Aubrey is doing great and really likes it. Here are some candids from the 1st day. The theme was Hollywood-hence the awesome outfits, they even had a red carpet into their classroom.

Aubrey's 1st Day at Preschool

OMG, My baby is going to school!!

Thanks Aunt Carol for the super cool lunchbox & backpack!!

Thanks Aunt Sissy for the perfect 1st day of school outfit!!