Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Oh, yeah MOVING SUCKS!!!! been packing all day taking a break gonna have a glass of wine & do some Su Doku and go to sleep. Man I lead an exciting life!

Weight Update

So we went to the Pediatrician today, Aubrey has had a clear snotty nose but then today she was complaining about her ears hurting her. And we have had our share of ear infections, she had tubes put in at 13 months. Anyway so Aubrey weighed 28 lbs and the Beckster weighed 18 lbs. 12 oz., he was 16 lb. 11 oz on May 9th. YEAH!!!! He is growing, I guess all the extra calories & desserts are helping him. By the way I have discovered this week that he loves blueberries, pudding, cottage cheese & Steak 'n Shake cheeseburgers (he must get the love of Steak 'n Shake from his Aunt Shelly.


Just had to say that Aubrey got almost all the things in this pics when she was "shopping" at Aunt Shelly's house. The hat, Cinderella nightgown, & purse were all given to her from Aunt Shelly. Aubrey loves the nightgown even though the Cinderella part scratched off in the wash.
A couple of days ago the kids & I were running errands and I looked in my rear view mirror and told Aubrey that I love her and I asked her if she was my girl. She quickly responded " No, I'm Shelly's girl!"
Aubrey has a couple of nicknames...Doodlebug, Gigglebox etc. Plus I have been working with her to say her complete name Aubrey Elise ********. It is so cute to hear her say our last name. Anyway Aunt Shelly gave her the nickname Tutti Frutti and if I ask her to say her name meaning her full name she says, "Tutti Frutti!" instead.


Can't blog I am moving hell...we are moving to another house here in Austin on Friday.

Friday, June 20, 2008


When Aunt Sissy was here a couple of weeks aso we went to Benihana for dinner. Aubrey ate so well she really enjoyed her dinner. She had chicken fried rice, edamame, filet, lobster, shrimp & scallops. She did not enjoy the fire so much...she kept grabbing onto me saying Mommy, I'm scared. So you know they cook on the hibachi grills right at the table well the table across from us the Chef guy was cooking up the food and he was doing the tossing the shrimp into your open mouth bit. Everyone at the table missed it. So Chrissy yelled out he'll do it and pointed to Brad. The Chef walked really far away and Brad opened his mouth and caught the shrimp in his mouth. Everyone started clapping and Brad turned bright red, it was pretty funny to see him get so embarrassed so fast.

Brad catching the shrimp in his mouth.

Some old pics that I just had to share...

can you tell that she dressed herself
the sweetest & cutest little boy ever

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Party Pics

Beck & I
Aubrey & Cody bouncing
Aubrey & Grace resting from bouncing
Aubrey & Amanda playing Beckster being a messy eater
Grace getting into the crackers

Pics from the bbq we has a couple of weekends ago...Thanks Amanda for letting us borrow your bouncer, it was the most fun!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I suck at diets...

So Brad and I started the South Beach Diet yesterday kinda and for real today. I haven't had a Chai Tea since Monday and I think that I am dying...I am horrible at diets...I always cheat, quit and give up. But this time my doc wants me to lose the weight for my upcoming stomach surgery to fix my reflux/heartburn in August. So I am trying really hard to stick with it. Plus I really really want to lose this baby weight (from Aubrey's pregnancy since I gained 10 lbs w/ Beck and he weighed 7lb 2oz) pretty sure I lost weight when I was prego with him. I am tired of being a Fatty Fatty Fat Pants so we will see how well it goes...

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Project

Like we more to do around here...not like we are moving at the end of the month or anything. We are! But Aubrey desperately needed a BIG Girl Bed. We have a crib that is turned into a toddler bed but she keeps rolling out of it. So we were off to Ikea yesterday...and of course when I was there like a month ago they had this Meldal twin rod iron day bed in white but now it is discontinued and only in black. So I decided to prime & paint it pink. And I ran out of primer, but I did a test of the pink on the corner. It is going to be sooooo CUTE!
I would like a couple of dressers & end tables from Ikea for my birthday so if you all have any extra cash laying around buy me some Ikea gift cards...:) The Hemnes collection would look great in my room. I want the 6 drawer & 8 drawer dresser in the black-brown finish. Or maybe I will do the 8 drawer dresser and the armoire. and of course some end tables one for me and one for Brad & a mirror. Don't forget that July is Jen's birthday month!! ;)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lauren Hilsheimer

Please pray for the Hilsheimer Family, their newborn Lauren was born in Dallas last week and has some heart issues. She had a major surgery on Friday. Here is Kirsten's latest journal entry from their blog. Please pray for healing for Lauren and patience & rest for Mark & Kirsten.

SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2008 08:05 PM, CDT
Mark had quite the Father's Day gift today. They doctors weaned Lauren off the paralytic and she was opening her eyes and moving around when we got to the hospital this morning. They are also weaning one more of her heart meds (dopamine), weaning her off the vent (she should be extubated tomorrow :) ), and have started some feedings through a tube that goes from her nose into her tummy. She is tolerating the feedings because she had a little poop earlier - meaning her gut is working! We just could not be happier and more blessed with her progress. We know that the LORD has his hand completely in her healing. I am so thankful for everyone we have praying for her. The Lord has stated when 2 or more people gather in prayer, He is present.
Look forward to writing more good news tomorrow!

Rice & Beans

Don't want my blog to be too Aubrey heavy...Here is the Beckster at dinner tonight. I have a new love, the Deluxe Chicken Enchiladas with Deluxe Tomatillo sauce at Chuy's. Nummy!! We had Chuy's on like Tuesday but I was craving them again so I picked up Chuy's to go on Saturday night and I saved my rice & beans for the Beckster. (Brad had the Fish Tacos and he said that it was his favorite thing that he has had there.) Anyway in an effort to beef up Beck my tall & skinny boy I gave him the r&b with some shredded cheese. Total mess but totally worth it, he loves them! He ate quite a bit and was doing good until he started rubbing his eyes, good thing it was bath night.

Cheeky Monkey!!

Aubrey yesterday in the car she was starting to fuss about something so I started making funny faces at her to distract her. What do you know...It worked!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm a mean Mommy...Eat your ham!!

We have some pretty finicky eaters around here. Well for the most part Aubrey eats pretty well and today at lunch she asked for ham & cheese, so I gave her a ham & cheese lunchables, hey I'm lazy. And she also wanted a yogurt drink, which I gave her and she finished. So while I was feeding Beck and having some hummus myself and was trying to get Aubrey to eat her ham & crackers, the cheese is kinda gross. I told her about a million times times to eat her ham and even took away her crayons & coloring books as punishment for not eating the lunch that she had asked for. Beck & I finished our lunch and I told Aubrey that she couldn't get out of her chair until the ham was all gone, then after about 25 minutes I told her that she just had to eat one piece of ham. By this time I had given Beck a bottle and took him upstairs for his nap, then I went to go check on Aubrey and this is how I found her. She totally fell asleep on the dining room chair. Still not sure how she balanced her self into this position. I scooped her up and put her in her bed for her nap. She sat in that chair for over an hour not eating before she fell asleep...Man, she is stubborn...She gets that from her Daddy.

Oh, yea didn't mean to take a pic of my feet but check out the awesome pedicure that Sissy spoiled me with when she came this weekend. We also got massages and I had my eyebrows waxed and tinted. They are freakin' awesome!!! I have light brown/blonde eyebrows and you can hardly see them. I always knew that you could get your eyebrows tinted but I just never thought to have it done. Well know I am going to have it done every other month. My eyebrows rock!! I will post pics later, Chrissy took some on her camera, and she is in Vegas for work so I will have to get them to you later.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Playdoh Playtime

Yesterday afternoon I was trying to keep Aubrey occupied so that I could get some house cleaning done so I got out some playdoh for her to play with. She got lots of playdoh in her stocking from Santa. I got her a rolling pin, a knife, fork, spoon and some cookie cutters to play with. She had the best time making shapes. So today she has asked me about a million times to play with playdoh again. Maybe later...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

1st Ballet Class

Today was Aubrey's 1st ballet class. She looked so cute in her tutu & leotard!! It is from 9a-12n and they do ballet, tap, gymnastics, have a snack & make a craft. I got there a little early to pick her up to see some of the gymnastics. She said that she had alot of fun!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy 10 Month Birthday Beck!!!

Happy 10 Month Birthday Beckster!! Here's Beck enjoying his first helping of mac 'n cheese. We made it with extra butter and half & half to give him some extra calories. We need to beef him up.

Your eyes are not deceiving you...

No, that really is Brad doing the dishes. We had a party/BBQ on Saturday afternoon and Brad smoked an awesome pork shoulder to make pulled pork. It was so nummy!! He did a great job and look at this he even did some dishes after the party. He was not amused by me taking pics of him and he will be even less amused when he sees himself on the blog. Love you!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baby Callie

We watched Baby Callie this morning for a few hours for Soriya. When Aubrey came down the stairs I was on the couch and Aubrey asked if that was baby Callie, I told her yes. She ran over to us and stroked Callie's hair (which she has a ton of brown hair) and said "I love her!". It was too stinkin' cute and while I am typing this she asked if the pic was Callie and said "she is so cute!". Callie napped on the couch most of the morning, just got a little hungry around 10:30. I had Aubrey help me feed her while I was getting Beck's bottle ready, wouldn't you know that both of them would be hungry at the same time. Beck wanted in on some of the Baby Callie action too. I had to take the back cushion off the couch and move her back because Beck kept getting in her face and touching her.