Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Little Turkeys!!

Monday morning we went to a playdate at Aubrey's friends Blaze & Buzz's house...We made TURKEY HATS!! It was too cute, Aubrey glued and dot painted her hat all by herself, w/ just a little help from mommy with the placement. Mommy made Beck's hat all by herself. Of course we played in the back yard, Beck especially loves the horsey swing and had chocolate turkey cupcakes. Yummo!!

Alex's Bday Party

So Friday night we went to Aubrey's friend Alex's 3rd Birthday Party. The Party was BUG Themed and Alex's mom hired a BUG BUY to come out and show the kids some BUGS!!! He had snakes, spiders, tarantulas, toads, frogs, turtles, newts, salemanders and some examples of some of the world's largest insect (dead of course). Aubrey loved them and was pretty open to touching all the bugs/reptiles, even the snakes. She loved the Turtles!!

I kept Beck distracted with other things...as most of you that know Beck EVERYTHING goes into the MOUTH (see next pic, case in point). Don't worry for those of you who think that Beck is mistreated he still enjoyed pizza, cake & keeping up with the big kids on Alex's new playscape.

Cool Park Day!!

Friday we had a cool front blow in and it was only in the 50's but we went to the park with our friends anyway. BTW, Aubrey doesn't like it when gravel gets into her boots, even when it is really cold outside.
Ummm...I am pretty sure that Beck is the CUTEST THING IN A HAT EVER!! I mean, check him out. So Stinkin' Cute!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sydney's Birthday Party

B-day Girl Syd!!

We went to Aubrey's friend Sydney' Birthday Party on Sunday...the kids had sooo much fun at My Gym. Beck LOVED the swings, and just like the park he didn't want to get out.


Beck just hugged me back, my heart completely melted. I love Tuesday mornings because Aimme takes Aubrey to school because Beck has Kindermusik. So Beck & I get a little 1-1 attention. And I carried him into the house after putting Aubrey in Aimee's car and I was hugging and kissing on Beck, and he put his little arm around my neck and squeezed. IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! I just squeezed him back and kissed him a bunch!!!
Here are my two CUTIES from lunch at Chuy's last week...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beck 15 month well baby

Beck is 15 months now and I can't believe it!! We went for his 15 month well baby visit today and he is 31 1/4 inches long (>50% percentile), his head is 47.25 cm (>50% percentile), and he weighs 21 lbs 3 oz (10% percentile). I am so excited about his weight, in just the last 3 months he has gone from the 3rd percentile to the 10th percentile for his weight!!! The doc is pretty happy too!! GO BECK!! Keep eating so WELL!!

And he is doing really really well with his Gross Motor Skills, if you have seen Beck you know that he is a total Monkey and well pretty much thinks that he is 3 years old. And his Fine Motor Skills are right on track. And so is his vocabulary, he says about 7 words, Momma, DaDa, Ball, Hi, Bye, Whoa, Uh-oh, Dis-Dis (for Dixie the cat) and last night he started saying Bye-Bye for the 1st time. And all morning today he has been saying BYE-BYE & waving to everyone he sees. He is pretty Proud of himself!! He did get 3 shots today so we just finished lunch so I gave him some tylenol and put him down for a nap. Hopefully he will take a nice long nap, b/c Aubrey won't be home from school until 2:30 this afternoon. Woo-Hoo, I might just take a nap myself!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For Brad

HAPPY 35TH BIRTHDAY BRAD!! Brad's birthday was Monday and I forgot to blog...I am slacker!! Babe-You look Great!!

For Neville & Jerry

Terrible 3's

I am about to do something that I hate to do...

I am about to admit that my SIL Shelly was RIGHT!!

Whew!! I know that was really hard to do. Shelly always said that 3 was harder 2 (referring to Macey & Darcey when they were 3 years old) and I was like oh, okay sure. I do remember some whining from M & D during those Three years. But she didn't really get into the magnitude of WHINING & SASS that I would have to put up with from Aubrey. Yes, Shelly was RIGHT 3 is HARDER than 2!! Sigh! That was hard. I hope that Shelly get lots of enjoyment from this post 1) knowing that she was right & 2) that I am having to deal with the Terrible Threes Now!! Ugh!! Now I go get to fight a three year old on bath, pj's & why brushing her teeth does not take 35 minutes (I think that she just like to look at herself in the mirror).

Thursday, November 6, 2008


So we all this Sinus/Tired/Yucky Thing this week, and Brad came home yesterday early from work to nap. Aubrey climbed in bed with Brad, and Brad pulled the covers up to himself and said "I have a ManCold!" And Aubrey repeated him "I have a ManCold too!!". OMG!! Really? 2 of them and they BOTH have MANCOLDS, What am I going to do with them???

Monday, November 3, 2008


We spent Halloween with our friends Aimee, Jeff and Grace. Beck & Aubrey got pirate tatoos for Halloween.
Aubrey & Grace getting into the candy!!
Beck was really getting into the Trick or Treating, he was running to each house and carrying his pumpkin. Then I carried him for a little while.
Grace was Cinderella!!
Grace's cousins came into town to celebrate Halloween. Grace, Abby, Ally, Sean David, Aubrey & Beck.
Beck = Candy

By the end of the night Grace got back into the face make-up. Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!!!