Friday, January 23, 2009

Hospital Pics

Aubrey on her 1st day not feeling well at all, on oxygen, pulse ox monitor and an IV.
Aubrey & Daddy

Day 2 off the oxygen, feeling a little better.
Thank you sooo much Aunt Chrissy, Jenn & Alex and Lisa & Sam for the balloons!!!
And thank you for the stuffed animals too. Hello Kitty from Aunt Sissy, Dog from Jenn & Alex and Unicorn from Lisa & Sam.
finally a smile...

Day 3 Dee Dee Thank you sooo much for the nightgown and toys.

Aubrey & Dee Dee

By Day 3 Aubrey was out of isolation and able to leave her room. She loved riding in the car around her floor. She didn't want to go back to her room.

Thank you Aunt Jacolyn, Aunt Shelly & NiNi for the beautiful flowers!!!!
Beck getting into trouble in Aubrey's hospital room...

Thanks so much everyone who helped us out the last couple of weeks while Aubrey & Beck were sick. Thanks Sara & Syd for keeping Beck for me last weekend so I could take Aubrey to the urgent care. I am sooooo sorry that you & Syd got our virus & pneumonia too. Thank you Amy, Gracie & Ava for keeping Beck on Monday. It really helped us out!! Thanks Aunt Carol for keeping Beck and making dinner, we really appreciated it. Thanks Chrissy, Avery & Sophie for keeping Beck on Thursday, YOU SAVED ME!! Thanks for keeping him ALL DAY!!! Thank you Dee Dee for all your help, support, meals & for staying with Aubrey & I at the hospital. And Thanks everyone else for all your prayers & good vibes that you sent our way so that Aubrey was finally able to come home!!! It was soooo nice to sleep in my own bed and have my own pillow last night!!!

I took Aubrey to the pediatrician this morning for a follow-up. Her O2 sats were around 95, which is to be expected. She is MUCH better but will probably still be coughing for a few weeks. We go back in 12 days for another follow up. Hopefully this was our BIG sickness for this winter and we will be super well from now on.

Home Sweet Home

We are home, we finally made it home around 7 pm last night. By the time we were released drove home in rush hour traffic and pick up some Pei Wei for dinner it was late. The kids ate, were bathed and were in bed by 8:30. It was SU-WEET!!! Aubrey is doing well, I am going to take her to the pediatrician for a follow-up this morning.

I am totally exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aubrey Update

So we are still in the hospital, I thought that Aubrey would have gotten out yesterday as she is off her oxygen and they took the IV out yesterday morning. But Miss Aubrey needs to show that she can drink on her own, so when she gets home she won't get dehydrated. And she didn't drink much yesterday when Brad was here. I got back her around 6pm, after spending a much needed day with Beck, and I fought with her to drink all night long. I was finally able to get her to drink a couple of ounces of water. But again this morning she has not had anything to drink!!! I have taken away ALL of her toys, lovies, blankets, movie & tv watching privleges and told her that we could not go to the playroom downstairs until she drink a full cup of ANYTHING, water, juice, lemonade, sprite...Hell I don't care if she drinks Dr Pepper right now as long as she drinks something so we can go home!!! I didn't get much sleep, can you tell??? As I am typing this she has drank maybe an ounce of lemonade with her chicken finger lunch...What am I going to do with this girl??? I already tried holding her down to drink water, no luck, just a wet mommy!!


a much need smile in my week...hope & change

Sunday, January 18, 2009

PJ Party at School

Here are pics of Aubrey from her preschool at their PJ party just before Christmas. She made the cutest gingerbread house!! Aubrey is really enjoying school, she can draw the letter "A" all by herself. And she loves her teacher Ms. Jenni.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

That's my girl...

So Aubrey is still sick, slowly getting better. We did go to the urgent care clinic today, she had a really bad night and morning so I wanted to get a chest x-ray to rule our pneumonia. She doesn't have it, just bad viral bronchitis and an ear infection. But this morning when I was getting dressed to take her to the doc, she was sitting in my closet floor playing with my shoes. She grabbed my tallest heels which happen to be chocolate brown patent leather peep toes heels, GORGEOUS btw!!! So she picked up the heels and said " Mommy, these are my favorite!" So yea she has a little fever and a cough but I think that she is going to be OK, if you know what I mean.

And I think that I have definitive proof that the Shoe Fetish is absolutely a genetic trait. Woo-Hoo she has the Shoe Gene!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Day...

So this was our day today, Aubrey did not go to school because of the 103 fever & constant barking cough that she all night. Beck's fever was only 101.something. But ALL FIVE of us slept in our bed last night, that right Brad, Aubrey, Beck, Me & Dixie the FAT CAT! We were at our 4th doc appt of the week and Aubrey was wheezing & coughing pretty bad so she got a breathing treatment. She has a virus that is pretty deep in her lungs. The sent us home with a Neubulizer & a Rx for Albueterol. Aubrey is getting breathing treatments every 4 hours.
Love how she is cheesing it up for the camera...
And this is Beck dismantling the room while we were waiting. He was doing better today but this evening after his nap he had a temp of 104 so I called the doc. He shouldn't have a fever that high after being on antibiotics for 2 days. We are going back tomorrow am for our 5th doc appt for the week and we have a follow up on Monday for Aubrey. I am so tired of going to the Pediatrician's office & Walgreens!!!!

I really don't like him crawling around the floor of a doctor's office but I can only hold him for so long and I had to keep a close eye on Aubrey w/ her neubulizer. I know I'm Mommy of the Week once again...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beck is Sick & Aubrey is next

Beck has been snotty, coughing, feverish & looking like he just feels crummy since Sunday night. I took him to the doc on Monday and he had a fever but his congestion was clear and his ears looked good. So since Monday he has had the same symptoms, with an even higher fever and his snot has turned green. And he looks like he is just like he feels rotten so we went back to the doc today and now he has a HUGE ear infection. I got him some juice and some antibiotics, hopefully he will be much better in a day or so.

Aubrey has the same symptoms now and tonight her fever hit 101.2 so I imagine we will end back up at the doc tomorrow for her. And her cough is much worse than Beck's has been.

What a great week!!

Cupcake Clarification...

I took the cupcake away from Beck after he dropped it in the dirt and I tried to wipe of the sandy parts. I gave him the cupcake back and he whined and threw a fit that it was still dirty. I was fine with him eating the sandy cupcake, Beck is the one with the problem with it. So when he refused to eat the dirty cupcake, I threw it away.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blaze & Buzz's Birthday Party

Aubrey playing pin the tail on the Dinosaur.

Beck wearing the Dinosaur hat the He/Mommy made.

Aubrey wearing the Dinosaur hat that She/Mommy made.

The end of the trail of the Dinosaur Egg Hunt.
Aubrey loves this horse/tire swing, every time we go to Ginger's house she wants to ride it the whole time.

Beck & his cupcake, I like how he is double-fisting with the ball & the cupcake.

He took another bite after he dropped the cupcake and was pretty mad that it tasted like dirt, but he was even more mad when I took it away...

Estes Girls

Jenna & Aubrey

Beck & Callie. She was in such a good mood!! So Smiley!!

Beck is like 9 months older than Callie.

Little Miss Hollywood here didn't want her picture taken...she was being pretty SASSY!