Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beck is such a BIG BOY!!!!

Beck started pee pee-ing in the potty tonight!! He went once before dinner & once after dinner. He wore underwear for about 3 hours and had ZERO accidents. He was very excited to sit on the potty each time and he had Cherry Lifesavers for his treat. He was very excited about his "Tandy"!!! So at bedtime I put a diaper on him and he was very upset that he had to take his underwear off, so I put his underwear on over his diaper and then his pajama pants. That kept him happy for about 1 minute until he saw the extra pair of "Lightning McQueen" underwear on table, he freaked out and tried to put them on. I finally gave up and put the L McQ underwear on over his pj pants. I would post a pic but I'm not going to take a chance of waking him up with the flash. None of us has slept well since Brad left for Saudi yesterday...


DeeDee said...

and Aubrey is such big helper. Beck loves going to the potty. It is amazing how much that kid wants to sit on the potty. Really. Amazing. I am so proud of him!

Susie of Arabia said...

I remember thinking that my son (now 17) was NEVER going to get out of pull-ups!!! He was past three before he had any desire at all to even try. And then it was like it happened instantly overnight. It's such a big step - I'm glad Beck is receptive to the idea!

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cyclosporine said...

HEHE,He so cute.

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Hey big boy! Always be happy.

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Hahaha. Nothing is cuter than that.

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